3 Smart Spends For Your Child’s Bedroom

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Curating a bedroom for your child is a wonderful task. There’s nothing quite as fun, enjoyable or creatively appealing as designing an imaginative space for your child to enjoy. Here you’re unbound by conventional interior design habits, or the need to be “grown-up” in your style decisions. If you wish to make the room into a fairy kingdom, or give it a nautical pirate theme, you won’t need to justify that to yourself.

That said, because of all the little additions and expenditures you could apply to this space, you may find the costs rising quickly. Moreover, you likely have a pre-configured budget to stick to. For this reason, it’s good to focus on the basics, IE spending most of the budget on the main furniture and being as creative as you can with the post-decorative designs.

With the advice in this post, we hope we can help you curate some wonderful smart spends for your child’s bedroom.

A Comforting, Multi-Purpose Bed

Ultimately, you’re going to have to invest in a comfortable, robust bed. A bed that will fit a child-size mattress, and can be easily accessed. Yet when taking the time to find the best bed for your child, you notice there are many options available. From novelty designs like those with racecar-shaped framing, to bunk beds for multiple children. It can be helpful to decide which is best for you, as sometimes choosing a bunk bed with desk and comfortable seat underneath can be enough. Make sure it has safety ratings and can be constructed easily. This is the furnishing you need to spend most of your budget on.

Consider Air-Quality & Ventilation

Everyone benefits by breathing in better air, especially if you live in a city environment. This is especially true for small children with developing bodies and lungs. It can be worthwhile, then, to invest in a small air purifier you can set to run at certain times. Negative ionisers may also help reduce the spread of viruses which can be helpful if your child has a weakened immune system. Alternatively, implementing a small fan, placing strong ventilation locks on the windows, or even implementing part of your HVAC unit network can be a great idea too. This way, your child can breathe easy as they rest easy.

Fun & Functional Study Spaces

It’s always lovely to put together a fun and functional study space for your little one, especially when they begin to get homework from school. A peaceful place they can sit and begin writing, with you at their side, be that learning their multiplication tables or learning about Ancient Roman history, will help provide a dividing space between work and play. An appropriately tall desk and two chairs, a drawer for school folders, and also storage for fun items like paints can make a big difference. This doesn’t have to be as professional as your home office of course, but a little space for it (even if it’s underneath your child’s bed), can be a wonderful effort.

With this advice, you’re sure to make those smart spends for your child’s bedroom.

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