3 Things That Impact The Valuation of Your Home


So you’re trying to sell your home and you’re trying to get as much for it as you possibly can. Valuation is a tricky thing because some real estate agents will, of course, market your home at a higher price while some others will mark it lower. It’s all about perspective, but whose perspective matters most? Certainly, you will want your own but in truth, it’s the market. Those who want to say otherwise, are not always going to understand why a property has been given a certain value. However, you can impact the market by doing something that it likes. Namely you will want to impress the demographic most likely to be purchasing your type of home. 

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Marketing in accordance with property type

If you have a normal 3-bedroom family home, you will need to market it differently, as opposed to if you owned a 5-bedroom villa. It makes sense to talk about the privacy, swimming pool, private land and location when it comes to a villa. But if you have a family home, you need to talk about what a young family would care about, i.e. running costs, average cost of the mortgage, winter costs, maintenance, how old the home is, materials used, etc. this is why learning about property types, and the type of customer that will be most attracted to your property, is going to serve you well when it comes to marketing. 

Arrange it properly

When a valuation expert comes to see your home for the valuation, you need to be confident that you are showing your home in the best light. Working with Madison Fox can help you to understand how to do this. They can do an online valuation which means they can also give you guidance on how to improve the look of your home, over video call as well. This can be done if you contact them directly via email. Certain things like light exposure, seating plans, designing your storage spaces to look more spacious, will all go to helping the arrangement and feel of your usable space.

The curb appeal

Some people are about looks in general, and they want their home to reflect their success. So curb appeal is so important to getting a higher valuation. It’s simple to get done. You need to first clean the exterior of the home with a pressure washer. Use a solution that can take off dirt, debris and bird droppings. Also, make sure the garden is pristine, so it looks cared for and this healthy natural look will aid in your home’s attraction to those who are drawn to gardening. Cleaning the concrete slabs leading up to your home is so easy to do but often gets overlooked too.

Anything can help your home get a higher valuation if you really want it to. Anything from more natural light so there are no dark corners, to informing the agent about material choices i.e. hardwood instead of laminate floors. 

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