7 Affordable Ways To Transform Your Master Bedroom


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If you are in the middle class, you probably spend most of your week in the bedroom after work. The bedroom should be a place where you re-energize for maximum productivity the next day. Consequently, it would help to re-organize and re-decorate your bedroom for a satisfying space. 

Decorating your bedroom does not have to cost a fortune; you can opt for simple and affordable tricks to fully transform it.

The best and most advertised way to upgrade your room is to change up the bedding. Your bedding not only accelerates the rate at which you fall asleep but also cleansed bedsheets preserve healthy skin. You can find various bedding from reputable stores like Richard Haworth’s bed linens with a wide range of colors and sizes that can suit your needs and interior decor.

Aside from bedding, there are other means to take your bedroom from meh to marvelous.

Move Your Bed

You probably see bed advertisements in magazines; they are always in the middle of the room rather than next to the wall. It wouldn’t hurt to try this tried and tested technique to jazz up your space instantly. 

After all, the bed is the most prominent accessory in the bedroom; therefore, the correct placement can revitalize the room.

In addition, add more pillows of various colors and shapes to the bed. And if necessary, use brightly colored bed covers and pillowcases that complement the rest of the room’s decor.

Rearrange Your Artwork

By now, you must’ve come across different pages advertising bedroom art. In the past, art in the bedroom was unconventional. However, it’s gaining popularity over time, and it wouldn’t hurt to be a part of this exciting trend. 

If you do not already have it in your bedroom, consider getting a few pieces; preferably, simple line art or affirmations.

If you already have art pieces in your bedroom, consider moving them to one side of the room or just above your headboard. 

Moreover, if you have art samples with outdated frames, replace them with newer and modern structures.

Use Tapestry

Using tapestry over your head is a prevalent and affordable decorating option. This fabric will instantly make a statement as soon as you enter a bedroom. They are not only cheap but readily available.

Moreover, they are an effortless alternative to your wall hangings because a great piece of art or painting will cost you a little bit more. You can buy as many designs as you would like and exchange them frequently according to your decoration needs.

Get Rid of Furniture

If you have a sofa in your bedroom, you probably bought into the Victorian design of having a bedroom lounge. However, if you desire a more spacious and appealing master bedroom, get rid of the dressing table and coffee tables from your bedroom.

In reality, the fewer items and furniture you have in your bedroom, the higher your chances of achieving an effortless glam. 

Sometimes, simplicity is the best design trick in the book; the fewer places you cover with items, the easier you can sustain harmony in the decor.

Install Curtains

A good quality pair of curtains can transform your bedroom within seconds. There are a variety of colors and patterns of curtains available online. You can look through these options for inspiration before you decide on what to buy.

Additionally, your curtains will look more appealing when the rail is higher up next to the roof. This adjustment allows you to get longer curtains for your room. 

Thick flowing curtains will blow your mind; despite the minimal effort, the transformation will be unmatched. 

Also, your sleep routine will transform because these curtains will keep out any form of excessive light from the room while you are asleep.

Give Away Clothes

Your bedroom might become congested due to clothes accumulation over the years. Sometimes, clothes congestion over time tampers with the room’s appearance, whether you have a walk-in closet or a closed one.

There are so many options for charities that could use your clothes for clothing the poor and homeless. In other circumstances, your children, friends, or sisters could use some quality accessories like shoes and bags to boost their wardrobe. 

Please do not be shy to offer others those long-lasting pairs of shoes that cannot fit you anymore.

Use Wallpaper

The newest and most affordable technique to change your bedroom’s appearance is wallpaper. This trick is specifically helpful if you are in haste to change up the room or cannot afford to paint the whole room. 

Wallpapers are not only quick to install and remove but also come in many colors. If you are genuinely keen on saving some money, you can buy as many wallpaper designs as you’d like and exchange them as often as you would like.

Change the Lighting

You can rely on light fixtures to completely transform the scenery of a room. With the correct light placement, you can develop a renewed appreciation for your bedroom. 

Since it is the bedroom, your light switches should have the dim option. Dimming the lights in the bedroom not only creates an erotic atmosphere for you and your partner but also enhances the quality and rate of falling asleep.

Furthermore, you can remove excess lighting sources in your room if you have several. For example, bedside lamps, although necessary if the light switch is far away, are avoidable. 

If you have bright lights in the room, exchange them for dimmer ones whenever applicable.

Final Thoughts

Your bedroom is your haven of rest and rejuvenation. It is in your best interest that this room is not only cozy but comfortable as well. Please do not take any chances, even with a low income, when it comes to achieving the maximum comfort in your bed. Get ready to alter the art and lighting to fit your unique needs.

Fortunately, you can conveniently change the decor frequently in the future; therefore, do not spend all the available income at once. Save up some of it by choosing affordable options like wallpaper instead of paint, and watch your living space become a masterpiece.

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