Dating During Social Distancing

Social distancing has been going on for quite a long time now and I think we know it’s not ending soon, I can now go and visit my friends from 4 July but I just cannot hug them! I am quite a huggy person so for me, this is really difficult, but this is life as we know it at the moment! I was on a video call with one of my best friends a few days ago who was telling me about one of her friends who has found herself a ‘Lockdown Boyfriend’ amidst the Glasgow dating scene whilst in quarantine. Apparently they go on virtual dates or socially distant dates and hang out as a couple but they just have to remain socially distant. I was intrigued by this idea and it got me thinking about some other ideas for dating whilst remaining socially distant!

You can still meet people online at the moment through apps such as Bumble and Hinge, and online dating such as Glasgow dating site and find people to hang out with, even if you have to remain at a 2 metre distance the whole time!

Unfortunately a lot of these ideas do rely on the good old British weather as at the moment, we are only supposed to socialise outside but with the current heatwave that we have been promised, it might not be too difficult to get outside and do our dates!

A Picnic in the Park 

A classic date with or without social distancing, a picnic is about the most exciting thing we have going on now. Whether you bring your own food or separate is up to you but you can even sit on the same blanket and remain 2 metres apart! A perfect scenario for sparking new romance. You could even bring some freshly baked homemade cake to show off your skills!

Wild Swimming

If you are quite an outdoorsy person anyway and missing the chance to be doing some summer sports then going wild swimming could be the perfect sporty date! If you live near a river, lake or the beach then pop on your bikini and enjoy the gorgeous British countryside!


This was a game I discovered during lockdown. I previously only thought it was a game for posh people in their enormous gardens however I visited my brother and we managed to have a great game of socially distant croquet. As a game it lends itself quite well to being apart from each other, especially if you aren’t very good like me and you get stuck at the first hoop!

It is normal to feel that socially distant dates are weird. They are. It’s weird to have these kind of rules that dictate how far apart you can be from other people but it is possible to form connections even if you can’t be closer. We are all figuring out the new rules as we go and so it is okay to find it a bit difficult at first! But you might be surprised that you actually have a great time and form a new connection with someone that you can continue outside of lockdown! 

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