How Can You Support Your Business’ Digital Communications?

It does not matter what sort of business you run, you should support your business’ key digital communications through optimising content. Here are some of the key steps: 

SEO, influencer outreach, and PR

In terms of optimising your business’ efforts for SEO, never go down the black hat route, which results in spammy and poor quality pages and, ultimately, a penalty from Google. White hat techniques only! 

For influencer outreach, you will need to find and monitor influencers. You can do this via using social media, as well as free tools. You then need to develop a process to engage influencers and convert them into advocates who will share your content. 

Optimise Google AdWords (paid search)

• Use Ad Extensions

• Optimize your display URL

• Personalise your Ad Copy

• Create tightly themed keyword groups

• Use a countdown timer

Review Display Advertising opportunities 

Review relevance of partner and affiliate marketing 

Social media marketing optimisation

• Integrate social into your website

• Focus on keywords

• Grow your follower base

• Engage with people – don’t merely post an endless stream of promotional messages

• Optimise your posts for searches

• Encourage external inbound links

• Micro-blog

• Share quality content

• Social bookmark

• Create social content that is worthy of backlinks

ACT – Encourage leads and interactions with your brand


‘Act’ is a shortcut for Interact. This has been separated from the conversion section because encouraging social media and website interactions for the purpose of generating leads is a mammoth challenge for online markets. You need to persuade prospects and site visitors to take the next part of Action on their journey once they land on your social media page or reach your website. 

Determine the best ways you can boost lead conversion 

• Use feedback tools and analytics to evaluate customer journeys for mobile ad desktop visits. If you are to compete online, defining a customer journey that is compelling yet simple is a necessity. You need to use research to understand the effectiveness of content mapping and customer journeys are the moment so that you can transform successfully. 

• Review mobile marketing and social media marketing platform engagement. 

• Define dashboards, events, and goals for customer interaction measurement. 

Prioritise customer journeys and content marketing 

• Use an objectives and key results framework 

• Define customer personas.

• Define content marketing plan

• Content is exceptionally powerful because it fuels conversion rate optimisation, email marketing, social media marketing, paid search marketing, and SEO. To build an effective content marketing plan, you need to follow these steps…

• Carry out a content marketing capability audit and set goals.

• Define personas and audiences

• Put together a content marketing strategy

• Editorial management.

• Generate compelling content.

• Distribute the content via relevant and high-quality channels.

• Evaluate and measure ROI.
• Create a website and an improvement plan, which should include lead profiling.

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