How to Create Great Pinterest Images

Through having a new blog, I have learnt the huge importance of pinterest and using social media to drive traffic to your blog and creating gorgeous pinterest images to go with your blog posts to help do this. In this post, I’m going to talk about some easy ways to create great pinterest images that will help drive traffic to your blog and some tools that can be really helpful! These are just the Pinterest basics, not getting too complicated yet!

Pinterest does seems a bit complicated at first but I like to think of it as a combination between social media and a search engine but way more visual, with images being the most important thing. Pinterest is also great for bloggers as pinterest users are really engaged and are actively looking for content to read or add to their boards so they are likely to really enjoy the content that you produce. 

Use Pinterest Pin Templates on Editors such as Canva.

This is how I create my pins as I am not great with photoshop software so I use the templates on Canva to make it easier for myself. There are lots of templates on there for all sorts of blog styles and you can slot in photos that you want to feature. You can customise them a little if you want to make them more unique to your blog but you don’t have to. There are some really gorgeous templates on there and they make it super easy, especially when you are just starting out. 

Using Custom Fonts 

If you want to make your pinterest pins stand out a bit then using a free font that you can download from sites like Font Bundles is a great way to go. They have loads of gorgeous free fonts on there in lots of styles such as handwritten or script font, with new ones arriving every week and they are all available to download completely free! You can make some gorgeous pins using the fonts available and they would definitely make them stand out against the other pins available in pinterest search results!

Use great photos!

Pinterest is such a visual platform, it’s all about what it looks like to drive those clicks. So you want to make sure that you are using gorgeous photography that pinterest users are going to want to click on. I use stock photos from sites such as Pixabay that provide free, professional quality photos. I can use these in my pins as they are royalty free so I don’t have to credit or pay the photographer. I usually try and pick photos that have some relevance to the posts and are as light and bright as possible to stand out in the pinterest search results. 

These are just some Pinterest basics in how to create great images that Pinterest users want to click on and add to their boards. There is so much more technicality to Pinterest but if you are just looking to create some great images to get the Pinterest ball rolling and help to grow your blog, then these are some great ways to go!  

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