How to Earn Money Online During the Pandemic

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With the pandemic situation dragging on somewhat indefinitely, people have been reluctantly using up their savings, but with no reasonable end in sight, and the money starting to grow thin, it’s time to start considering how additional income can be made to top up the money stocks. Below there are five easy ideas that you can get started with right away – it’s not like we don’t have the time. 

Market surveys 

While the survey industry might seem like a work-for-nothing opportunity, it has grown in recent years and is definitely a viable income source in the short term. Brick and mortar shops might have closed their doors for the foreseeable, but online markets are booming, and companies are desperate to hear what you have to say. Using services such as Swagbucks and Valued Opinions, you can earn cash or gift cards to watch videos and share your opinion on products and services relevant to you. 

Investment portfolio 

Have you ever seriously considered investing? Many people sort of know there are opportunities there but aren’t confident enough to invest their money. With the pandemic on, it’s an excellent time to learn about how the stock market works and where it’s good to invest. Furthermore, the economy is currently stalled – which doesn’t happen very often – it means there are plenty of opportunities for those with a bit of extra cash around to buy up stocks at a discounted price and begin your portfolio. 

Online business 

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then the Internet is your friend. Even if you don’t know anything about business, it’s easy to learn the basics through some online videos and get started with something. Maybe you have a passion that you want to monetize or an idea for a business that’s been floating around for some time. Now, more than ever is the time to turn that idea into a reality. Start a blog, write an ebook, create an e-commerce shop, or sell your crafts on etsy and eBay sites. 

Sell Your Belongings

One thing that a lot of people are turning to during the pandemic is simply selling some of their belongings online. Once you start to look around at what you own and what is lying around in your home, you might well come to the conclusion that you simply have too much stuff. If so, you can declutter and make money at the same time by finding some of those items and selling them online. A good way to find the right place to sell is to look for a specialist – so if you have a fancy watch to sell, look for selling patek philippe watches for instance.

Display advertising 

If you have a monetized blog that you’ve been running for a while, you will be familiar with display ads on the Internet. This is when you sign up to Google Adsense, and ads relevant to your blog’s subject matter are displayed on your website. But this is not the only opportunity you might have for earning revenue from ad-space. If you own a car, you can lease the space in the windows to advertising companies and earn revenue, even if your vehicle is a Vauxhall Mokka a 4×4. It makes perfect sense if you want to offset the cost of owning a car in troubled times.  

Become a rideshare
Turning your car into a billboard is not the only way to earn extra money with your vehicle during the pandemic. Companies such as Rideshare, Uber, and Lyft offer an option where you can register your car as a rideshare. This involves picking up customers who are using the app and earning a commission on the transaction. The main criteria are that you own the car, and you’re responsible for its maintenance.

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