Improving your Sleep with a Weighted Blanket

Since Coronavirus lockdown hit the UK in March, my sleep has rapidly gotten worse. That might be due in part to my relocating to live back at home with my parents and brothers for the time being and sleeping in a smaller bed, along with the general anxiety and uncertainty that this situation has brought especially regarding saving money and unemployment. I have been trying various self care techniques to try and sleep like I used to before this situation started – I have started charging my phone away from my bedside table and not scrolling on it before sleeping and instead reading for 15 minutes before bed and I have recently started using a weighted blanket that I was gifted from Gravity Blankets.

A weighted blanket is pretty much what is sounds like. It is a thick blanket that has a weight to it that is distributed across your body when you are lying down. The weight is typically about 10% of your body weight and these blankets promote the release of serotonin and reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone). They promote relaxation and have been shown to have positive effects for those with anxiety, stress and other mental health issues alongside physical disabilities. 

I have been using my blanket from Gravity Blankets for a few nights now and I have really been enjoying using it. I have found that I have been sleeping better, not waking up as often and not wanting to get up in the morning! I really enjoy the feeling of a weighted blanket, it feels like a hug and is very comforting and comfortable when in bed!

You can use it both to sleep or when reading or watching TV, listening to music or generally chilling around the house to de stress. I have used it for both and find it great in both scenarios but I really feel the most difference when using it to go to sleep. However if you move about a lot in your sleep, you might find it more difficult to use, or it could stop you moving about! I don’t move about that much but with other blankets they do often end up on the floor in the morning but because it takes quite a lot of lifting, my Gravity Blanket doesn’t usually fall of the bed during the night. 

The blanket is made from organic cotton and has two surfaces, the top is very fleecy and soft and the bottom is still soft but less fleecy so you don’t overheat when using the blanket which was one of the things I was worried about!

Both the blanket and the cover can be washed in a standard washing machine at 30 degrees and Gravity Blankets give you 28 days from the delivery date to try out the blanket and see if it’s for you or not. The actual weight is situated in the inlay of the blanket but you cannot feel anything from the outside and it doesn’t move around so the weight is always evenly distributed.

I am so in love with my Gravity Blanket and excited to hopefully get my sleep back to its usual levels! I feel so relaxed and comforted when I have used it and hopefully that effect will build up over time. If you are currently finding yourself struggling with sleep issues and mental health during coronavirus, I would really recommend trying one out and seeing if it helps you, it has been amazing for me!!

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