Piling For Greenfield Sites


Mini piling contractors are advisable for construction work on Greenfield sites, in particular. This is in light of the increasing number of problems with house foundations that are built with traditional trenchfill on clay sites. Read on for more information about this and the benefits that are associated with mini piles. 

Greenfield sites relate to situations whereby you purchase land for urban development. In recent years, there has been a lot of attention surrounding the unreliability of trench fill. This is due to the subsidence damage that has occurred to property walls in many areas in the country in swelling clays. 

This is a problem that is very much felt in southern England. Nonetheless, these clays do occur over 50 to 60 per cent of UK landmass. Traditionally, the performance of traditional trenchfill foundations has been satisfactory. Nonetheless, recent freak droughts, such as the one in 1987-1990, caused the foundations to crack. As a consequence, the extreme swings in climate have been investigated, and it is widely believed that mini-piles offer more reliable performance in these areas. 

There are other benefits associated with hiring mini piling contractors for your project as well. This includes faster construction, enabling you to get your project complete quicker, which can save costs and allow you some leeway for other aspects of the build. You can also avoid landfill tax and subsoil excavation, and you won’t experience any settlement or heave problems. Mini piling is also cheaper than concrete trench fill in most cases.

Professional Bodies To Consider Joining (Or To Look For When Hiring A Contractor!)

Piling contractors are constantly looking for different ways to stand out from other piling businesses in the industry. From having an impressive portfolio to investing in a professional website, there are various ways you can do this. One option is to join an industry body.

There are a number of different professional industry bodies for construction contractors. By joining such an organisation, you will benefit from a stamp of quality. After all, to become a member you will need to show that you operate to the highest standard. 

There are a number of different industry bodies that are suitable for piling contractors, including The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS). This is an organisation for those who undertake geotechnical and piling works on construction projects. To ensure that the FPS represents the best quality in the industry, they frequently and independently audit all of their members. They have rigorous standards in place, which encompass training, safety, sustainability, quality management, and technical ability. If you are a member of the FPS, you are going to have a better choice of being selected for jobs, as project managers and alike will be assured of your high standards. Other options include the Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors (ASUC), which is a trade association that represents leading, specialist underpinning contractors, as well as The Association of Building Engineers (ABE), The National Federation of Builders (NFB), and The Chartered Institute of Building (COB). All bodies are associated with exceptional levels of quality and the highest standards.

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