Preparing For Spring Has Never Been Easier

Spring is a season that is all about joyous new life. Lots of things will once again restart. The birds and the bees will return to your garden and the trees will begin to sprout new leaves. It’s an incredible season but it also has some new challenges. For one thing, pollen will rise once more, making it hard for some people to breathe normally. The rainy season will still be active and that means some challenges left over from winter will also still be there. If you live in an apartment, you are not free from these things that all homes face, we all need to freshen up our homes with the new seasons. When preparing for spring, we all need to think about some of the things that show spring has a dark side too.

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Stick windows

As the pollen season arrives, something strange will happen. The air will become sweeter and the windows will become sticky. Pollen sticks to windows and it can create a murky dirty screen that looks filthy even when it’s not. So now is the time to learn the S-curve technique to wash your windows. This is a technique that doesn’t leave behind any water marks or squeegee streaks. Use a lemon formula to rip the stains off the window and finish off with a soap so it leaves a protective layer on the surface. 

Repair your sills

Your window sills took a beating for you during the winter. They still are! The colder temperatures are making your window sill contract and that essentially tightens the surface, frame and structure that keeps everything together. But now, the higher temperatures are arriving and that will force the window sills to expand. So, plug any gaps that you can see now. Seal up any cracks, paint over any chipped surface areas and apply mortar if the sill is kind of loose. This is especially true if you have tiles around the window, in the bathroom or kitchen.


Yearning for cooler days

The sunny blossoming of spring will be beautiful and annoying depending on where you live. That’s why you should never take the risk and be without the risk of not having your HVAC unit working as it should be. So use a 24-hour HVAC Repair service whenever you feel like your system isn’t providing you with enough power to cool your apartment. 

Clutter and circulation

For those of us that live in apartments, it’s a bit difficult to get the right amount of air circulation to keep the room cool. However the value of fresh air should not be underestimated. So move things out of the way of your windows. This means, bookcases, cabinets and tables need to be moved to another part of the room such as the adjacent wall from the window. This will allow the air to build up speed in the home, so you won’t have that stale muggy air floating in your room.

Spring is one of the best seasons as it gives us a much-needed break from the cold we’ve had for the past 6 months. But with it, comes the challenges of heat expansion, pollen and humidity.

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