The Best UK Cashback Services

Using cashback sites to earn rewards on my online purchases is an area I knew of but it wasn’t until recently that I started using these sites myself. I make a lot of online purchases as I have an Amazon FBA business for which I buy a lot of stock from high street retailers like Boots and Argos. So I am spending a lot of money online and so I started using these cashback sites to claim a little bonus back. This isn’t money that I factor into my business profit (although they are taxable rewards which do need to be placed on a tax return) but it is more of a bonus that I pay to myself from the business. Currently I am using different sites to save for different areas, including cash to put straight into my house deposit fund and collecting John Lewis vouchers to use on a personal shopping session for new work clothes for when I can start my job in London. So in this post I am going to go through some of the options for Cashback sites in the UK and how you can use them to save money!

So what is cashback? Cashback is when you use a certain site to access a retailer and because you click through that site to access, Boots, for example, Boots pay the cashback site a commission, some of which is paid to you. It’s usually a percentage of your shopping and can range from 0.5% to 10% or more!

Complete Savings 

As a disclaimer, most cashback sites should be free but the first one I am going to talk about, Complete Savings, isn’t. However, the benefits that you get from Complete Savings do justify the cost. Complete Savings costs £15 a month to be a member. For that membership, you get £5 cashback that is redeemable every month as a monthly bonus when you make one purchase through the site alongside 10% cashback on a huge number of retailers. 10% cashback is a huge percentage. Most cashback sites pay in the low single figures, percentage wise so to be able to get 10% on almost every retailer is amazing. This is capped at £250 as the maximum that you can claim per month which is the one downside although that is also a huge amount and I am very happy if I can earn that as an extra!

Complete Savings also allow you to buy vouchers through their site at a discount. You can buy £100 of vouchers every month at up to 80% off. This includes shops like Argos and Asda where you might make every day purchases so this is a great bonus! I am saving up my vouchers to use at John Lewis to buy nice things for my new kitchen!


TopCashback is another huge UK cashback site. It is probably one of the most popular. There are two membership options, the free level and the premium level for which you pay £5 that comes off your cashback that you earn so if you don’t use it you don’t pay it. The premium level offers bonus percentages on your rewards amongst other extras such as competitions and freebies. After Complete Savings, TopCashback often has the highest cashback rates amongst the other sites (for which the main competitor is Quidco) and also has a huge range of sites so it is another really great option for buying cashback. Purchases can take longer to track on TopCashback or sometimes they don’t track and you have to request it so that is a slight downside but ultimately it is free money so not worth throwing away! 


ZIPZERO is a slightly newer cashback service and it is an app that you use for retail purchases. You take photos of your receipts and at least 0.5% of your purchase price is credited to your account to be used against specifically utility bills. This can be used for electricity, phone, council tax, internet, tv or gas bills every month. This is directly transferred to your providers, making it really easy for you to save money! 

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of amazing cashback services to use and try out! I would always recommend withdrawing as soon as you can from cashback services as sometimes they don’t last long and you want to make sure if they close down, your money isn’t taken with them!! 

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