Top 5 WordPress Custom Font Plugins

When I started making Money’s on the Mind I was really worried that learning to make and design a website was going to be very complicated and I didn’t know if it would be within my skills. However I found that there were so many resources available online that made it easier for beginners like me! 

Lots of those resources come in the form of plugins on wordpress for your website. There are thousands of plugins available that help with different areas such as scheduling, SEO and customising your website through areas like custom fonts! Custom font plugins are a great way to make your website unique and give your reader an idea of the tone of the website through the design! You can activate lots of plugins on WordPress that give you access to custom fonts and most of the hard part is already done through the design, you just have to activate your plugin and pick your fonts! To make it even easier, I have narrowed down the custom font plugins available to my top five so read on to check out my recommendations!

Easy Google Fonts

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If you are looking for free fonts then Google Fonts is a great place to start. There are more than 1,000 fonts available and there are always new ones to have a look at to change things up. The plugin is really easy to use and you can use their customizer feature to change the way the font looks within your design and preview changes before you commit to them!!


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Fontsy allows you to both use fonts from their free web font library and also import your own web fonts, giving you more freedom and creativity. They also have font packs that combine typographies that naturally go really well together so if design isn’t your strong suit, Fontsy makes it really easy for you to make a beautiful site with low effort! Fontsy is definitely one I would recommend for those wanting to create a gorgeous blog but who might not feel as confident with web design!

Use Any Font 

plugin like Use Any Font allows you to alter fonts on your website into fully customised versions. It is free to use on a single font but requires a fee if you want to use it for multiples. It is one of the most popular plugins as three of the most common font formats are supported by Use Any Font and it’s easy to use as the fonts are converted automatically by the plugin. 

Zeno Font Resizer 

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This is a great plugin that makes it easier for your readers when viewing your website by resizing the font into whatever size is best and most readable for them. This is saved within the browsers history and whenever they come back to your site, it will be remembered so your readers don’t even need to do anything! There is nothing worse than wanting to find information on a site but it being too small and not being able to zoom in so Zeno Font Resizer sorts that out for you! 

Font Awesome 

Font Awesome allows you to enrich the user experience of your website by customising not only your fonts but also icons. New icons are released and you can use them instantly without needing to do any manual work. 

These are just a fraction of the amazing plugins available on WordPress so check them out and you can see what’s possible!

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