What Will Affect Your Mortgage Rating?


Mortgages are the premium financial product of every single bank, financial institution and the government as well. Mortgages give rise to a property-owning class of people. This is something that is deeply rooted in the West’s social thought and economics. People who own property, also own wealth, and when they own wealth, they have protection from economic crashes and more. They can pass this wealth onto the next generation of citizens. This is something governments want because they need economies and their major policies to continue without hiccups. But, getting a mortgage isn’t easy. It’s a big task for the lenders and the borrowers to meet in the middle and find a solution that works for both. So if you are a young family trying to get onto the housing ladder, here is what will affect your mortgage rating. 

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Inflation rates

Inflation is an external effect, something that you can’t do much to change. But at least, you can plan a mortgage rate that will take into account inflation that might arrive in the future. But wait, what is inflation? It is simply the increase in the cost of things, relative to the money flow in the market. For example, an average family car might have been worth $5,000 in the mid-60s. Nowadays, it costs about 10 times that. The cost has risen relative to the amount of money that is flowing around the markets. Inflation rises about 1.5% annually. This means that mortgage rates will need to rise with the average house price, which is subject to this small but noticeable rise. So plan ahead, nail down a mortgage that will be fixed for a couple of years and when it becomes flexible, try to get the lender to not raise rates relative to the inflation rate, but remain below it. 

Your credit history

Without a doubt, your borrowing, spending and purchasing history, i.e. your credit history, will have a major impact on your Mortgage Quotes. You can get a free mortgage quote that takes into account lots of different facts about your spending, lending, borrowing and purchasing history. This is a very complex action but it’s great to find a website where you can get a quote done for free. Most banks and other lending institutions will charge you for the pleasure and they will factor in your credit history trajectory. Mortgage quoting websites don’t do this, so you can find a mortgage company that could possibly be more lenient.

The state of the economy

Another external effect you can’t do much about, but will affect your mortgage rating. If the economy is cold, i.e. slower, you will find you get more favorable rates. When the economy is hotter, more unstable or unable to cope with the supply chain stresses, you will get unfavorable rates, or rates that come with more strings attached. 

Mortgage rates are something to keep an eye on even if you are not going to buy a home anytime soon. It gives you a market of how the economy is doing but also, helps you to plan for when you are ready. 

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