Where to Find Competitions and My Competition Wins | May 2020

As it’s getting to the end of the month I thought I would do my competition wins round up from May! May has been a bit of a quiet month on the prizes front sadly with only one win. I think I might be entering slightly less competitions at the moment as lockdown has been strangely busy so that might explain why I have won fewer prizes! So I also thought in this post I would do an explanation of where I find my competitions. 

So the prize that I have won in May I haven’t actually received yet. I won this prize from Twitter and it was a RT competition from the Scottish Book Trust! I haven’t received the prize yet as the warehouse isn’t open but I’m sure it won’t be too long now that things are starting to open up! So I have a copy of Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann coming in the post which I am very excited to read! 

As this post would be a bit short if I left it here, I thought I would run through some of the places that I find my competitions. When I enter competitions on a daily basis, I try and enter ones that are ending that day so that I can get my entry in just before it closes! I use competition sites that document every competition they can find such as The Prize Finder and Loquax. I use both sites to cover all the bases and try to not miss any comps so I start with The Prize Finder as they give answers if it is a question comp which makes it slightly easier and then I do Loquax for any ones that I haven’t found on The Prize Finder! 

I used to use the Money Saving Expert forum which I found was amazing as I used to be able to order all the threads in order of when the competition ended and there were hundreds of competitions on there. However recently they changed the forum and you can no longer do that which is such a shame. I don’t use the forum anymore therefore as you can’t order the competitions and I find it’s difficult to maintain a system!! 

If I have finished entering all the competitions that are ending on a particular day then I will often enter daily entry competitions to increase my chances of winning. These are competitions where you can enter every day so if I enter every day I might have 30 chances of winning whereas someone else might only have 1. These are often run by magazines like Marie Claire, House Beautiful and Country Living. Lots of blog competitions also often have a daily entry feature so I try and enter them as well! 

I also target competitions that might have a specific prize that I would like to win! On my prize wishlist I would love to win a holiday or spa break so I will often try and make sure I enter every competition I can find with that kind of prize! 

Obviously this isn’t a how to guide of the best way to enter competitions, this is just how I do it as I like to have a system and this is one that I have found has worked really well for me! 

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