Why You Need To Use Social Media For Your Online Business

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When starting a new online business you work hard to make it profitable. You have spent time perfecting the perfect product or service, created your website and completed all of the legal checks. But, yet your business hasn’t taken off yet. 

This is because no one knows about your business yet. This is where social media comes in. Social media and other community apps have evolved over time and are no longer used purely for socialising but now have transformed into an effective marketing platforms. 

Why Use Social Media

Social media has billions of users. Most users visit at least one form of social media daily, with the majority of people checking it numerous times daily and collectively spending hours scrolling their social pages.

By posting on social media you are extending your reach. Providing that opportunity for these billions of users to find out about your business and build up your brand’s awareness. With that, you will be able to start generating organic traffic to your site, boost sales and see your conversation rate start to rise. 

This is how social media makes this possible.

Your Reach Will Increase

Social media allows has one very unique and crucial benefit. It allows you to reach a wider audience within a very short timescale. The reason behind this is that it is social. People will be engaging with your content, your stories, posts. They will be able to share your content and promote it to a wider audience still. 

Depending upon the platform that you are using, you may even have the opportunity to use additional resources such as hashtags to promote your posts and attach them to your given niche. 

In order for this to work, all you need to do is consider a social media strategy and be consistent. Consistency is key. You want to create a schedule for your posts, actively engage and interact with your audience. By doing this you will find that your visibility within social media will increase and your branding will start to become more known and recognizable. 

Helps Build Strong Relationships With Your Target Audience

Another benefit of using social media is that it allows you the opportunity to interact with your audience and build relationships. By being able to reach and directly connect with your audience you are in a position where you are being able to build deeper and stronger relationships and build trust. 

When customers only see images they are only seeing the company. This won’t create an emotional response with them and create an attachment or loyalty to your business. Social media allows you to use this knowledge to your advantage. You are able to make your business human. Through social media, you can provide insight into you the owner, what drives the business, how it is set up, what motivated the business in the first place. You are applying a face and voice to the business. 

By using social media features such as sharing live stories, posts, blogs and reals you are allowing your audience a sneak peek into your company. They will be able to attach a face to the business, humanising it instantly, they will be able to relate to what you share and you will be making and leaving a lasting impression. 

By interacting with your customers not only are you leaving an impression on them but you have the inept opportunity to learn more about your audience. What they want, how they feel and with this added insight you can continue to work to make them happy and ultimately improve your business. 

It Will Generate More Traffic To Your Website

If you want people to visit your website, they firstly have to be made aware of its existence. Without the knowledge of your business, it is unlikely they will find it. It takes a long time to build up organic traffic, and as a new online business, you need to utilise other ways to promote your business that will generate results immediately. 

Social media will allow you to do just that. You have the ability to reach thousands of people all within a few clicks. By creating great content that resonates with your audience, solves a pain point and with the use of relevant and suitable hashtags, you will be able to increase your reach and make people aware of your business. And, if people like what you are creating they will share it. The more people who are made aware the more people that will visit your site. 

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