4 Material Possessions You Should Have By The Time You’re 40

Our lives are dominated by the quest to acquire material possessions. Many people spend thirty-plus years of their lives in work to pay off their mortgage and put two sports cars on the front driveway.

When we look around, it’s easy to notice the people who have a lot. They live in big, flashy homes, and they have practically every modern convenience you can imagine. 

But sometimes, these displays of wealth can trick us. We often believe that we too should have it all, without realizing the hours of work and years of sacrifice that went into acquiring certain possessions. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the material possessions you should have by the time you’re 40. Here’s our rundown. 

A Home Of Your Own

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Living in an apartment is perfectly normal in your 20s and acceptable in your 30s. But by the time you hit 40, you really want somewhere you can live, rent-free. Owning your own property is a great way to build wealth and ensure that both you and your family have the life that you want.

If you can’t find the perfect house in your area, get home builders to construct something bespoke for you. Remember, you can always sell it later for the going market rate. 

A Wine Cellar

As you get older, you start to appreciate the finer things in life more. Video games take a backseat, and wine moves to the fore. 

You can keep the wine in a rack. But if you want the real, French experience, nothing compares to a wine cellar. Here, you can keep your wine at the perfect ambient temperature year-round, without having to constantly crank up the air conditioner. 

Two High-Quality Suits

As you approach your fortieth birthday, you’re usually flying high in your career (or at least doing better than you were in your twenties). But if you want to continue being successful and really merge with your role, you need the right attire. Shorts and flip-flops aren’t going to do the trick. 

When you are early in your career, it’s okay to wear a cheap suit. People notice, but they don’t care. After all, you’re young. You can’t afford the best. 

However, by the time you hit forty, things change considerably. At that age, there are no more excuses. You must have top-notch attire, otherwise, people won’t take you seriously. As such, you need at least two high-quality suits, and preferably more. 

A Quality Wristwatch

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They say that you can often gauge the quality of the person by the quality of their wristwatch. If they’re wearing something that looks vaguely Swiss, then it’s a good sign. 

Nobody is saying that you need to drop $10,000 on a watch, but it will certainly help. Watches that look expensive communicate your personal value and help you get further both at work, and out of it. By the time you hit forty, it should be a standard part of your attire, just like pressed pants and leather shoes.

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