5 Ethical Businesses you can Start From Home

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Whether you have an idea for a business or you want to contribute to the green economy with an idea or a lifestyle, it is easier than ever to start an ethical business online. Sell your crafts, offer a recycling service, or set up a not-for-profit enterprise using websites and digital platforms.

Etsy Shop 

The Etsy platform supports artists and crafters to sell their products fairly and ethically; that is why opening an Etsy shop is one of the most ethical and easy ways to start a business. If you are an artist or small trader, you can open an Etsy shop and start trading in a single day. 

Etsy supports its sellers with fair fees and an ethical approach to commerce, but the sellers are also creating things from scratch, meaning the carbon footprint is lower. Whether you are new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, Etsy lets you start an ethical business or side hustle. 

Recycling Service 

If you have some technical skills or DIY skills, you could support the circular economy with an online recycling service. The circular economy is an attempt to keep products in circulation for as long as possible, avoiding the environmental consequences of sending them to landfill.

One example of a recycling service might be a smartphone repair service that reduces the number of quality smartphones that are disposed of when they become faulty. Smartphones can be easily serviced and repaired, lasting twice as long as you might expect when contracts end.


A not-for-profit business is a social enterprise that provides a service in the name of values, not profit; these organizations can include charities, fundraising initiatives, advocate services, and more. There is no reason why these organizations cannot be set up and operated from home. 

If you intend to start a not-for-profit organization from your home, you will need a website, some funding, and the right employees in the right places. Starting a not-for-profit is the same as starting any business, but if you need some additional help or advice, visit 501c3 solutions.

Digital Businesses 

Almost any business you start online is more ethical and sustainable than the offline alternative since you are using fewer resources to operate; still, a digital business can have an environmental impact that is worth considering if you want to operate a more ethical business. 

Digital businesses can be greener if you choose sustainable servers to host your websites and sell products with a green supply chain. Operating a green business online is a little easier because you have fewer overheads and more digital options to make things more efficient.  

Final Thoughts 

Operating a business is an excellent way to earn a living and promote your personal values; that’s why it is sensible to consider your commercial strategy and business infrastructure to make it more progressive and ethical. Ethical products can be expensive these days, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to start an ethical business; they are easier than ever to set up.

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