5 Financial Tools To Improve Your Finances


Improving your financial situation isn’t a straight forward road. The first step is to set financial goals to help you focus your attention. Your goals might involve clearing your debts, improving your investment portfolio, or planning for your future. Whatever they may be, here are five financial tools for plenty of support and inspiration.

1 . Review My Pensions

Review My Pensions is an online resource offering tools, calculators, and guidance documents; to help you plan your retirement. Here you can search the online pension database to take a look at your defined benefit scheme. Whether you’re looking for pension transfer advice, tips on retiring abroad, or info about pension consolidation, Review My Pensions has all the info you need.

2. Dollarbird 

Dollarbird is a type of smart calendar, helping users to stay on top of their finances. Using the calendar interface, you can track and add your transactions. The Dollarbird app arrives with plenty of AI features that learn your spending habits and create personalized categories. The app features auto-balance calculations and a break-down of planned spending. It’s simple to sync your financial details with other users to create a joint budget. Dollarbird can help you to take the stress out of your finances and make well-informed decisions.


The BUDGT application can support you in creating the perfect budget for your needs. First, you type in your daily expenses and your income. Once you’ve done this, BUDGT will crunch the numbers! Using the application, you can personalize your budget, set reminders, and organize your spending into different categories. There’s a handy feature called ‘month-end projection,’ which can help you see your remaining budget each month. Any leftover cash is automatically transferred into your savings, to make life easier.

4. Spendless 

Spendless is a great solution for organizing your finances; there are plenty of features here to support your spending. Features include data synchronization, balance adjustments, a budget planner, and multiple wallets. Improving your budget is one of the best ways to save money and enhance your financial health. With the Spendless tool, perfecting your budget is dead simple. Budgeting isn’t an easy task; as your financial situation changes, so do your needs. It’s important to review your progress over time and make any adjustments as necessary.

5. So Money Podcast

Need a little more financial inspiration? Then tune into the ‘So Money’ podcast, brought to you by Farnoosh Torabi, a top financial strategist. Here you’ll get to hear inspiring stories about money from influencers, business minds, and authors. From the best financial philosophies to the winning financial habits, you’ll learn plenty to get you motivated. Recent episodes have discussed topics such as ‘creating a fearless money mindset’ and ‘the pandemic and your finances.’

Once you’ve got the right tools, you’ll be that little bit closer to reaching your financial goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your budget, save more cash or secure your future, you can do it all with these five tools.

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