5 Ways To Save Money On The Essentials


Every household should do whatever they can to make the most from their money, but you already know this is easier said than done. The moment you establish a budget, a new disaster emerges, meaning all your hard work and savings go down the drain. This is especially frustrating with the essentials. These are the expenses you have no choice about, but what if you could save money on these essentials? Consider these tips to give you a few ideas.

Getting Around 

Getting around is one of the most vital aspects of modern living, but you can’t always rely on public transport, while taxis can reach extortionate prices during peak times. While many people feel a car is a substantial investment, researching affordable cars for sale could give you the solution you need, especially if you only need a vehicle to run errands and take occasional days out. You’ll still need to pay for insurance, road tax and petrol (as well as repairs), so finding a reliable and robust model is vital to minimise issues. 

A Place to Stay 

Whether it’s the rent or your mortgage, housing prices continue to rise. This cost ranges from the fundamental cost of the property to everything inside, such as gas and electric bills. No matter how hard you try, it feels impossible to reduce the costs of simply living, yet you may be able to reduce costs by negotiating with your landlord, especially if you have lived there for a long time. Likewise, government schemes can offer assistance, while finding affordable areas could be a solution, but this is not always so convenient or straightforward. 


The weekly shop is another essential that seems to cost more each time. Both fresh produce and those little snacks you treat yourself to seem more expensive no matter where you go. One way to overcome this is by downloading supermarket vouchers that could help you save plenty of money on the weekly shop. You should also look for bulk buying options, especially non-perishables, and don’t be afraid to expand your shopping horizons to check out new locations. 

Phone and Internet 

While you may have thought you needed 100 GB of data and faster internet in the past, you may need to make sacrifices under your current conditions. Many budget phone and internet plans offer similar benefits and speeds compared to the big four or five providers, which should give you something to consider when your contract ends.

Cashback Credit 

Cashback credit seems like it’s cheating. Why would you get money for spending money? If used correctly, it can be useful for giving you points or straight cash to ease the financial strain, but only if you pay it off in full each month as you’ll otherwise end up getting into tricky debt. If you only use your cashback credit card for essentials, you’ll have no issues paying it off regularly. 

The Essentials 

While you often don’t have any choice but to spend money on essentials, becoming more money-savvy means you won’t be paying over the odds for necessities. Whether it’s reducing car payments or finding the best deals in bulk-buying food, these tips could put you in a healthier financial position.

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