Top Tips For Saving Money

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We are currently in a cost of living crisis and as such, more of us are turning to ways to save money than ever. Everything seems to be going up in price but wages are staying the same. This might be the reason you’re looking to save money, but it also might be because you have a big purchase that you are looking to make. Whether you are on the hunt for a new car such as a new mercedes 4×4, are getting married in the foreseeable future, or want to save for a new property, there are many incentives behind getting your savings up to scratch. If you are looking to save some money, we have put together some top tips that should help you along the way. 

Move all your bills to come out on the first of every month

One of the simplest ways to save a bit of extra cash is to have your bills come out on the first of every month. This way you will know exactly what you have to spend and can put money into savings. If you have bills coming out on different days it can be very hard to keep track of and you might also accidentally spend the money as there’s too much time between payday and the date they come out.

Cancel any unnecessary subscriptions

We live in the age of subscriptions but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you find you have a host of different services you pay for every month, from Netflix to Hello Fresh and dozens in between, it’s a good idea to see which ones you really need. You might even find you have subscriptions that you didn’t even know that you had, or that you just pay for each month because you haven’t got around to cancelling. Make sure you get rid of these first then look into your other ones.

Be more savvy with your food shop and meal planning

Food is expensive, but with some planning, you can save a good amount of money on this each month. Do a shop once a month or every couple of weeks and try to bulk buy items such as meat as this is cheaper. Find fruit, veg and other food items that you can freeze to stop them from going off, and try to plan your meals in advance. This stops any food from going to waste.

These are a few simple tips that could stand to save you a good amount of money. Saving isn’t necessarily easy and it’s perfectly fine to fall off the bandwagon every now and then! By just making some small changes you could see a real difference to your finances and you’ll be able to afford your incentive in no time at all. Have you recently had something you need to save for? If so, what did you do to get the funds you need? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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